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Advice For Parents Who Date

Dating between single parents can be a great idea. Both parties are naturally understanding of the fact that children are part ofthe equation! There are no uncomfortable situations, as both parties are in the same boat, and both understand that it's important that neither set of kids are hurt by the realtionship.

Be Honest With Your Children

If you think a new relationship has legs, then you should be open with your children. There is nothing worse than your child catching you out if you've been sneaking around with someone. It's easier for everyone if you are open, and explain the situation.

Don't Try To Replace The Missing Parent

At least not at first! Most of the time, children will see you as 'invading' their family life and trying to replace the parent that is no longer on the scene. Of course, this is not your intention, and sometimes it can help to explain that!

Don't Move Too Fast

Our experience is that it's best to move the relationship slowly, as often both parties have been through some kind of relationship trauma before. It makes sense not to rush things, and to get to know each other, and each others' children.