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How Did This Site Start?

You might well be wondering what made us set up such a strange dating site! In fact, I had the idea one night while having a glass of wine with a female friend who herself was a single mother. We must have had one too many, because she started telling me how long it had been since she had slept with a man and how much she missed it…

How A Single Mother Surprised Me

So, I was already surprised at this admission on her part. She’s an attractive lady (with lovely red hair) and I admit I started getting a little aroused. She went on to tell me that it’s so hard to meet single men as a single mother, as most men don’t want to know as soon as they realise you have children. I told her that right then I wouldn’t be able to resist her if I was on a date with her. I apologised immediately for saying this (we’d been friends for a few years), but she surprised me by suggesting we go back to my place. I called an Addison Lee cab faster than you can say ‘get me an Addison Lee cab right now!’ and we had an incredibly sensual night back at my flat. What shocked me, was that there was no awkwardness the next day. I knew she expected nothing from me, and vice versa. We even joked about that, and she made a flippant comment about how great it would be if I could ‘see to’ some of her fellow single mother friends to give them a bit of a ‘release’. That was my Eurika moment! I pictured a dating site where single mothers desperate for a one night stand could meet men who had no hangups about women who have kids. And the rest, as they say, is history. EasyMums is committed to helping single mothers and single fathers find some excitement, be it a one night stand, a passionate fling, or a long term relationship.